A Clean House with Messy Pets


We cherish our pets as a part of the family. And like our families, they are messy. If you have little ones crawling around the floor it’s essential to keep the place at least somewhat clean, right?

Here are a few simple suggestions to help keep your home clean around those fuzzy family members:

1. Get rid of the carpet! Tell your spouse it’s all my fault that you need new floor. Fibers in carpet soak up the pet stench. Strong enzymes in your pet’s digestive track can damage the carpet as well. Replace the carpet with tile, linoleum, anything that can be mopped up quickly when an accident occurs.

2. Clean up accidents as soon as you find them with soapy water. Keep lots of paper towels handy to soak up the mess as soon as you see a spot. Follow with a vinegar and water solution. Let the solution dry and then use baking soda liberally to soak up the last of the moisture. Then vacuum up. The quicker you get it up, the less likely stains and odor will become a problem.

3. Don’t forget to mop regularly. Vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil is a fabulous, natural solution to mop up with. This keeps fur and odors at bay.

4. Vacuum three times a week (even if it’s just with the dust buster). Just a light vacuum will help you beat the collection of pet hair and keeps flea dust at bay if your animal goes outside often.

5. Change your pet’s bedding often and make sure your pets get plenty of time outside to avoid accidents in the house.

6. Keep up on your pet’s maintenance.  Have your pets groomed regularly to avoid an overabundance of flying fur and stick to a regular brushing routine. C’mon nothing is cuter (funnier) than a shaved cat. Keep them healthy. Take them to the vets for shots and dental care and don’t forget to feed your animals good food and provide them with proper training.

A few simple techniques can make all the difference for a cleaner home. Oh…and don’t forget to shower them with lots of love and affection.

How do you keep up with your pet’s messes?


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